A San Francisco & Sonoma Scrapbook

a sonoma and san francisco scrapbook cover

I finally finished the scrapbook on our California trip from two years ago! Like usual, immediately after the trip I was gung-ho about scrapbooking it up. I seem to lose creativity juice when it comes to the end of a scrapbook. It sat in a pile (see it here) for way too long, until last weekend.

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Overalls – not just for farmers

I remember back in about 3rd grade my grandma took me back-to-school shopping and I got my hands on some overalls from JCPenny. It was always a struggle to go to the bathroom, because one strap always wanted to fall into the toilet, but I loved them! When I played pool in our basement I’d use their long, loose pant legs to store my cue when it wasn’t my turn.

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The 4 Benefits of Summer Ending

I love summer. I love burning my butt on my black leather car seats, I love feeling wet as soon as I step outside, and I love the long days of sunlight. I could live in Florida, year around. But I don’t. So I’m going to try to focus on the positives of summer ending and the realization that winter is just around the corner.

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