I was recently talking with a friend about being frugal verses being cheap. I think most of us land somewhere in the middle depending on the situation. My latest frugal/cheap situation came when planning our Christmas menu. Nol-dog and I went to Target to buy the groceries and I was super cheap because I used:

  • The weekly Target ad
  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Target CartWheel app
  • The 10% off Target was offering after the credit card breach
  • Reusable bags ($0.05 off per bag)
  • My Target RedCard (5% off everything)

I also had people bring things, like appetizers, bread & wine. Was this cheap? Yes. But it also allowed us to not feel guilty going to Byerly’s to buy a $120 prime rib. And ya know what, people didn’t care (or even know the noodles were Market Pantry instead of Creamette), we had a fabulous meal!

Strike a pose! I don’t know if I’ve seen him this happy.

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