Our master bedroom is large (and in charge) compared to our old house, but it’s got the ugly 80s popcorn ceiling and **had wall-to-wall-to-floor wallpaper. I don’t have any pictures with the wallpaper but here are some post-wallpaper removal pictures.

We also took off all the floor trim to make it easier to sand down and paint white. Why a piece is slanted there is a case for Unsolved Mysteries.. who else was freaked out by that show growing up? That theme song was enough to give me nightmares.


Another wall shot, the two outlet boxes above the light switch are for an alarm system. It’s not activated but the top one has a tiny green light that lights up when the garage door is open. At first I wasn’t sure of it’s usefulness but now I love it. There is another one by the garage door. The original owner had some crazy cabling and wiring set ups.. more on that later.


Check out them apples! We’ve got what you’d call the hotel-style sink/bathroom set up.


Don’t get too attached, we didn’t pick any of those colors, but I highly recommend the exercise of paint samples. Plus you have little bottles of paint for later artsy crafty projects.


This is a shot from the other corner, we’re taped and ready to paint some trim. In hindsight I wish we would have painted the popcorn ceiling at this point. Bagged White Cheddar Popcorn= good, yellowy-gray popcorn ceiling= bad.

And Sophie is ready to help. In the hallway you’ll see the mirrored medicine cabinet that we later donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

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