Finally it’s painting time! We ended up picking Behr Dolphin Fin. It’s a shade darker than the gray here (if you can’t tell the gray is the 2nd color from the right). Even though we didn’t get a paint sample of Dolphin Fin we’re really happy with it. For a big room we could have gone darker but because it’s a bedroom I wanted to stay on the lighter side.



You see nol-dog rollin’, they hatin’… Ok, so there was no ridin’ dirty that day.


Oh the lovely white spindles! Like I said before, initially I wanted to rip them out, but now that they are a crisp white I’m coming around. You also can see a sneak at the new white cabinet under the sink. We also painted the trim and walls in the bathroom. I’ll spare you a throne picture.


And voila! Look at those rich floors. I love the contrast with the white trim and cool gray walls. The in-laws installed all new flooring in the upstairs bedrooms, living room and dining room. I LOVE them. The only room that is different is the small bedroom/office that has a more cherry hue. They are perfect for the boph to run, walk and jump on.


We also went ahead and replaced all the outlets and vents. You can still see the looming creamy one in the picture above (the whole house has these off-white outlets. IMO they just look dingy dirty so as we tackle rooms we’re sacking ’em- Jared Allen style). And I’m a liar, we didn’t replace the vents, we just spray painted them a crisp white. So far they have held up really well and blend well with the trim.

DSC_0736Goodbye hanging golden globes, hello white medicine cabinet and see those crispy white outlets!! Another sign of the crazy cabling in this house- a cable jack right there, see the next picture for a better perspective.

DSC_0737I included this photo cause it’s funny and to show several things:

1. The location of the cable jack, as mentioned above. So random.
PS the main light switch wasn’t done yet because we bought the wrong one- we went high class with a dimmer.
2. The new white closet doors with large brushed nickle knobs.
3. The door, that was the color of the trim. How I love the modern white trim!
4. Nol-dog’s “stop taking pictures and help me with this rug” face. Love him.
5. The hanging pull for the ceiling fan- told you I’m terrible at taking photos!
6. Lastly, it’s a good pre-crown molding shot.

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