Now for some *during* photos of the master bedroom.


Look outside! Sun and green grass, compared to the high of 5 degrees today. Back to the trim, this is after a coat or two of paint. I feel like we spent all summer sand-paint-sand-paint’ing.


Here is a shot of the closet/bathroom. We thought about removing the spindles all together but we were afraid of what the ceiling would look like under that piece of board they were anchored to. Not that a flat piece of ceiling would kill us, but it would stick out alongside the yellowy popcorn. Now that they are all white though I sort of like them.


Even after one coat I got excited about the transformation, or maybe it was that large Starbucks coffee I sucked down. 🙂
Probably a no-brainer for the seasoned DIY’er, but I highly recommend getting some heavy duty work lights. We got a twin head one (the two-headed yellow monster in the picture above) and a single one (yellow cyclops). Why two? Nol-dog isn’t good at sharing (only child syndrome). #justkidding We’ve used them in almost all our projects. My only beef with them is their brightness shows EVERYTHING, so when a perfectionist like nol-dog gets his gummy hands on them a 2-hour project turns into a 2-day project. It’s like when shopping for a TV – when are you ever going to have a huge wall with 15 TVs on it? A slight difference in color is NBD, but again nol-dog would disagree. 🙂 When is someone with an uber powerful light going to inspect the paint job in our master bedroom?


Bophie just sat watch at the end of the hallway. As you can see we removed the old hollow closet doors and the box is a new medicine cabinet!!


We removed most of the trim and the under cabinet doors to make it easier to sand and paint. Again, look at how nice it is outside! It does make it really easy to sand and paint, but then after you re-install it you have to putty the nail holes, caulk everything and repaint. It’s a pick-your-poison type situation. When it came time to paint the basement trim we left it on and I think I prefer that poison.


We also painted the closet doors at the same time so everything would match. Matchy-matchy!

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