Thanks Shakespeare! (I had to Google that quote to confirm that’s who it came from.) I wanted to start this blog to be creative and relax. Bonus was to give nol-dog a break from all my chatter, only to trade for the clack clack of the keyboard. But I found it incredibly hard to give the blog a name. I’m still not 100% sold on it- house food random. That is basically what I plan to blog about but it’s not really memorable.

Speaking of names, Emelia is an interesting one. It’s pronounced like Emily-ah or Emma-Leah.  Until I was 18 or so, I spelled it Emilia. I changed because as I went to get my passport- holla if you remember not needing it to go to Mexico and Canada! I discovered that my birth certificate had it spelled Emelia. I am the 3rd child so with all the craziness I think it just got missed. I like to joke that I spelled my name wrong for 18 years so no wonder I’m such a bad speller!  Alas changing from Emilia to Emelia didn’t help with pronunciation, I still get called Amelia all the time. I’ve resorted to giving the name Emily at Starbucks or Marge, like when I dressed up as Marge Simpson for my work Halloween party this year, which scored me 2nd place!!


To make my name even more ridonculous I married a Pitlick. Let me tell you how many times I’ve called some customer service and just start with “Emelia Pitlick, that’s E.M.E.L.I.A. P.I.T.L.I.C.K.”. Not to keep one-upping myself but in real life (as opposed to this internet world) I’m pretty shy, so sometimes I just don’t correct people. In my last group project in grad school I let my entire group call me Amelia until we went out after a class and after 2 drinks I finally told them how to say it. They apologized profusely and were baffled it took me that long. For one, it was my last semester so I barely cared about anything school-related and two, it just seemed like more work than it’s worth.  Oddly enough, of all the people I met in grad school these are the peeps I still talk to. Go team Zing!


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  1. haha marge simpson costume is great! I found your blog when I was searching for marge simpson in the tags, and I was searching for it because I just wrote a post about marge simpson and fashion:) have fun while you’re bloggin!

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