When we first moved in we lived with nol-dogs parents for awhile before they found a new home. During that time the basement was our home and this is what the living room looked like.

image (1)We set up our couch, dining table and a couple of bookcases, everything else was shoved in “the hot tub room”. The basement living room had blue carpet, dark trim and wallpaper above and below the chair rail. The blue wallpaper came off super easy, the lighter stuff… not so much.

DSC_0507 This is the other side of the room, you can see the blue wallpaper is gone. One day I just picked at it and it came off like a screen protector on an iPhone. Look closely and you can see where we attempted to get the other stuff off. See the two black speakers on the shelf? Just below the one on the left you can see some is peeled behind the cord. You were lucky if you could peel a chunk larger than your thumbnail. Yes, those are my 10lbs weights that I would try to use while watching the boob tube.

DSC_0509Here is a close-up of the pattern. Blue flowers anyone?