I hate these blurred lines photos. Really, I’m not sure how that happened, but I admitted that I’m not good at taking pictures in my About page. 

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Nolan and I ripped up the carpet ourselves. The pad was actually in pretty good shape for being over 20 years old. We hauled it out into our driveway and of course I joked about carpeting our garage. We bought a Bagster so we cut the carpet in strips to fit the length of the bag to get the maximum amount of stuff jammed in there. That’s my MBA at work right there. 🙂

The linoleum came up pretty easy, but we had to scrape off the glue residue. We used Goof Off spray and a big metal scrapper. It never smelled in that area before, but after pulling that up it was very apparent that the original owner had cats who liked to pee there. You can see the cat door in the door leading up the stairs. Do you like our ghetto fix? Surprisingly Sophie can fit her big 60-pound butt through that little door and since she “lives” downstairs (where there are no chip clips, bags of bread, plates of cookies or brownies to eat) we needed to close it up somehow.


I’m still surprised at how much stuff we fit in the Bagster! We filled that sucker with left over scrap pieces from the deck, carpet, linoleum, carpet pad, old lattice and a bunch of other random things. Before it was picked up someone actually took the lattice and some other stuff. I was mystified by this but also happy that we someone was reusing our stuff. Until the following day when the wind picked up and whipped the linoleum chunks into our yard.


And here we are, carpet and linoleum-free. Look at that pretty cement!


Remember all those holes in the wall? Buh-bye! We ended up hiring a company to come skim coat the entire basement and then paint.


They did all the skim coating in one day and then painted the following day. Even before they painted I started to get really excited about how things were shaping up!



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