The basement started as:

We should take the wallpaper down and paint.

That turned into:

While we’re at it we should paint the trim.

It ended with new carpet, replace the linoleum with heated tile (so we can remove the baseboard heaters), install a bar complete with kegerator and wine fridge, fireplace, new TV. Where does it end? It never does, but it started with wallpaper removal. All wallpaper we’ve taken down has been different, for most of the stuff downstairs the wallpaper steamer worked the best.

Check out all those outlets on the right wall. Again, remember how the previous owner wired the hell out of the house? (When I say previous owner I don’t mean my in-laws, I mean the original builder.) Also see the thermostat for the baseboard heaters? Below our makeshift surround sound speakers.


Here you can see the baseboard heaters and old light switches (and stained carpet thanks to Soph- Ick!). The good thing about the heaters was that there was already a dedicated circuit so there wasn’t much electrical work to be done for the in floor heating.


This might be my shortest post but removing that wallpaper took days!