Sophie was a surprise birthday present from nol-dog and we’re both convinced it was both the best and worst birthday present ever. Goldendoodles were all the rage and even though I was in grad school, we both worked full-time and we both had a very healthy social life we didn’t think it was that big of a deal to get a dog. Wrong.

1.       Puppies are expensive. The actual cost of the dog, supplies, shots, neutering, food, obedience courses. Sophie barely passed and so we sent her to doggy bootcamp at Neuman K- Academy.  She is one of 2009 graduates, search Sophie and you can see pictures and video.

2.       Puppies take a lot of time. No more doing spontaneous things after work or on a weekend. What’s worse is that when you’re gone you feel bad for leaving them alone all day.

3.       Puppies are cute but they suck. They have the sharpest little teeth and love to bite everything when they are little. We thought she was 100% potty trained but then she peed on a silk blanket I got in China when I was studying abroad. I cried. Fortunately nol-dog was working with a factory in China at that time and e-mailed his contact (her American name was ironically Sophie) a picture of the bag it came in. She located the same blanket and sent us a replacement, but still. Plus puppies don’t help you rake leaves.


4.      But then you fall in love with them. This year my favorite present was a painting of Sophie. Am I a crazy dog lover? Yes. It was done by Nanci Fulmek, a local artist. I am so thrilled, I LOVE it.  Here is a picture of me opening it, with my mom looking on with excitement.


image (2)