Update on my January list.

  • Install master bedroom light fixture.
    Done. Check out my $35 light fixture here.
  • Order carpet for basement.
    Done, it’s being install Thursday morning! It’s Mohawk SmartStrand in a gray two-toned color. I can’t find the color online; they name all their carpet differently so people don’t price shop. I don’t get it. We chose SmartStrand because it’s stain resistance and most of the customer reviews were positive. We just wanted something really comfortable and strong.
  • Pick out a countertop for bar and order.
    Done. We ordered blanco taupe from Home Depot this past weekend. We wouldn’t normally go with a big box top place but this time it made sense because we had Christmas gift cards plus they had a 10% off countertops promotion.  I’ve heard mixed reviews on their service, so we’ll see. I think there is less risk in a small countertop in comparison to hiring them to do an entire kitchen. image

Compared to my gigantic list, I’m liking the smaller, more manageable and less intimidating lists. So for February here goes:

  • Get all basement furniture and TV set up.
    For now we’ll use what we’ve got, which isn’t much, but totally functional.
  • Get house tour photos uploaded here.
  • Buy new blinds (depending on price) and build valances for downstairs, like this.
  • Build beer sign gallery wall.
    I’m thinking maybe making shelves like this.Then we can switch up the signs without having to worry about nail holes. Maybe I could even paint them with the still left over urbane bronze that was originally suppose to go below the chair rail downstairs. Or black… Should probably take a quick assessment on what beer signs we I want to display.

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