It took me 4 ½ years, but I’m finally done with the scrapbook of our Alaska trip back in 2009! To be fair, I had completed 90% of the book; I only had the 2 days we spent in Vancouver left. So, this past weekend I finally dug all my supplies out of the hot tub room and with my venti non-fat caramel latte in hand, I hammered it out in the living room. Yes, my back hurt from sitting on the couch and working on the coffee table, but I got to hang out with Nolan & Sophie and catch a few episodes of The Office and Breaking Bad.

The book is a total of 75 pages, documenting our week long cruise and 2 days touring Vancouver. We went with Nolan’s dad, who is retired and loves traveling too. We made quite the trio!


Here we are in front of the float plane with the pilot (far left). This was probably the coolest part of the entire trip. And almost dumbest… Before we took off our pilot (from WI I might add), said to hold on to your bag and purse because things shift during the flight. As usual, I promptly forgot and when he opened the door to let me out he caught my purse before it fell into the water. I’m sure I wasn’t his first or last purse dropper. [Are we getting photo bombed with a peace sign on the right?]

Enough vacation stories, here are some of my fav scrapbook pages:


We took a train from the Anchorage Airport to the boat. It was well worth it compared to a bus ride. We saw mountain goats, eagles, a glacier and waterfalls.


I know how to relax. For Alaska it was actually really warm despite how bundled up I look.


This is my best try at a panoramic picture of Hubbard Glacier. The room with a private deck paid for itself on this day.


Pictures of us just cruising; we did the inside passage tour so there was always stunning scenery.


And of course the FOOD! Of the 75 pages there are probably 30 of food. I think we ate salmon at least once a day.


And lastly, this is a page from the shopping on Granville Island in Vancouver. It was the biggest, baddest (by baddest I mean best), farmer’s market I’ve ever seen. I would love to live there and shop at the market everyday for fresh flowers, seafood, produce and cheese!

Now I need to collect everything from our wedding in 2010. My friend’s mom taught me everything I know about scrapbooking and I’ve enlisted her help to create our wedding book. Compared to my skills she is a professional. I don’t mind doing our trips, but I want our wedding book to be amazeballs. And if anyone can do that, it’s her.

I also considered starting our Alaska trip from 2013 but Downton Abbey was starting soon. By my track record I’ve got another 4 years to finish it, so what’s the rush?

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  1. You are so talented, Em! Remember the scrapbook you made for grandpa and me? I will always treasure that as one of the best Christmas gifts we ever got. You’ll love this scrapbook some day when you and Nolan are retired and sitting on the couch thinking of your “young” years!

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