Warning: This is a boring post. Sorry.Just some pictures of wood, footings, cement, joists and boards.photo 3 (2)Wood delivery day!

photo 1 (5)I transplanted a bunch of hostas that were previously living here. They would have been right in line of the new stairs. No bueno. Make sure you call your local peeps before you dig. Even though there were footers there before, we still did. You can see the tiny red flags marking some underground stuff. On the right you can also see where lovely Sophie turned grass into dirt.

photo 1 (2)
Nolan manually dug three new footings (one is playing peek-a-boo under the silver bowl) . After we Nolan & Jeff poured the cement it rained, a lot.

photo 2 (2)We covered them puppies up and waited for a dry weekend. As I mentioned in this post, it took us Nolan & Jeff the entire summer to complete the deck.

photo 5
And then, like magic, it looked like this. Jeff put up a lot of the joists, if not all. We were able to reuse some of the wood from the previous deck, which helped on cost. 🙂 Oh and you can see the electrical box on the house from the old hot tub. Yes, the house came equipped with a hot tub room and a hot tub deck. And who hates hot tubs? This girl.

photo 3 (3)
The boards (ChoiceDek in Harvest Brown) look like they are really different in color but in real life the color difference isn’t that drastic. When Nolan and Jeff were doing this part of the deck it was like 100 degrees outside… oh how I long summer days like that again. In the meantime I’ll settle for hot yoga and cycling to get my sweat on.

I told you this was a boring post; if you’re still reading Lady Gaga and I applause you….
I live for the applause, applause, applause
I live for the applause-plause
Live for the applause-plause

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