Then comes demo time! It’s hard to stop a girl with safety sunglasses and mittens! I did about 5%, if that, of the demo work. Like I mentioned before, Jeff helped out a ton, including the demoing. I slipped a little with the sawzall and Nolan took it away. I was good at picking up scraps and making neat piles of the wood though. photo 4

Getting closer… Look at that nice patio just begging to be used!

photo 3

Another benefit of shrinking the deck size is more natural light in the downstairs bedroom. The windows on the bottom left are to the big bedroom, now that room will get a ton more natural light. The windows on the bottom right are to the storage room, so no lose there.  Floor plans here.

photo 4 (1)

We brought a lot of the old wood up to our cabin and used it for campfires all summer. (We didn’t burn any of the green-treated wood and none of the other wood had previously been stained.) Some of the smaller pieces we gave to our friends for their fire pits. Check out my mad wood stacking skillz.

photo 3 (1)

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