Things are looking up! Even though is blowing snow outside and they’ve cancelled dozens of schools tomorrow because of the bone chilling temperatures… I have a new light fixture and this is in the oven right now.


Last time I made a drop-off at Goodwill I moseyed on inside for a look-see. I found this shade, brand new, in the original packaging, for $9.99. It’s 18 inches in diameter. Then I bought this for $14. While the snow was blowing outside Nolan and I installed it. The reviews on Amazon were right, the cable length was super long, but it really wasn’t a big deal to cut it down. I would def buy it again.

photoSorry for the blurry iPhone photo. We lost a little bit of the popcorn ceiling but gained the world.

  • Shade = $10
  • Kit = $14
  • LED light bulb = $11

Total = $35   BOOYA! Compared to the $300-$500 ones I had been looking at. What can I say? I have good taste, just not a big wallet. 

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