We’ve crossed off lots of big things on the master bedroom list and here is the evidence. The closet doors went from brown with brass-y knobs to white with big old silver knobs.

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Next is the new medicine cabinet, light fixture and the counter top.  You guys had a sneak peek here, but this is the real deal.

Counter top got the Rust-oleum Countertop Transformation in desert sand. From previous posts you can see the old counter tops had a beige vein-y look to them. For smaller areas they only have two color variations, but we’re pretty happy with the results. Nol-dog did all the work in about one weekend, sorry we didn’t take any in-process photos. Do you see our over-flowing ring holder turned coin tray? It was an awesome wedding present that I accidentally broke the doves off of, look closely and you can see the poor doves on the right. And what’s with the shrinking soap bottle? Add a new faucet to the list.


And here is the medicine cabinet and lights! See how close those lights are to the cabinet? It was hard finding one that we liked and fit. I think we found this one at Home Depot. Two other things to feast your eyes on: crown molding and those white spindles. The space is so small and the lights are so bright this is the best photo I could get. (Creepy shadow pictures are free of charge.)

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The bed space still needs help, I framed the “where we met, where we married and where we live” in separate small black frames I got on clearance at Target for $4. No hearts either, I’m not that sappy. I do LOVE it, but it doesn’t look good above the bed. It’s a little cheesy so I thought it was most appropriate in the bedroom verses a more “public” room in the house. Ha! So maybe a large piece of DIY art, like this from the Bower Power blog. I already have an old canvas picture in mind.

The other side of the room still needs the some sort of wardrobe solution, that’s why this is still a “during” post. We were thinking IKEA Pax, but now I’m loving this IKEA Pax hack. How cool is that? It’s perfect because it has the middle opening for the TV, the hidden laundry basket area and SO much more storage space. But it’s a huge DIY project that I’m not sure we’re ready for. My brother installed the crown molding and does finish carpentry so I might have to ask beg for his help. After installing the IKEA cabinets in the basement bar though I’m less intimidated. In the meantime we’ll both continue to use our high school dressers, I’ll use the linen closet for my work-out clothes and nol-dog will use the office closet for his dress clothes & shoes. The red curtains & light fixture need work too but this is a “during” post so get off my back.

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