Mindfulness is not just a state of mind, its a paint color. Sherwin William’s Mindful Gray to be more specific. And since we’re such mindful people (ha!), that’s what we chose for the basement color. Along with urbane bronze for below the chair rail. I even used SW’s Paint Color Visualizer to come up with this scheme. This was the only pre-loaded room that I could play out my upstairs/downstairs colors, no claw foot tub in the basement. 🙁


Random bragging moment about my friend Tab, who is quoted in vita.mn about the price of craft beer. What a hipster.

And then the day the painters came I chickened out and told them to skip the urbane bronze.

Untitled-5I just got Photoshop and I’m a complete amateur. I have zero patience with the tools so this is as good as it gets right now. Check out the previous work here, here and here.  More regular ‘ol shots…

DSC_0539 DSC_0538

These pictures were taken at night, but it’s already looking more bright! In the pictures the doors look fancy! (I said this like Molly Shannon did on SNL as Sally O’Malley, “I’m FIFTY!”) But they are hollow, cheap doors and in real life they don’t look fancy, at all, just builder grade bla. No stretching, no kicks and def no splits. [Orange blanket = Sophie’s day bed]

Then we had in-floor heating installed, sexy huh? Speaking of sexy, check out the big cement hunk between the landing area and the laundry room… We think they cut the hole for the door too large so instead of fixing the hole they just put in that cement piece so that the door would fit the hole. In the two photos above if you look closely you can tell the laundry room door is slightly higher than the doors around it.


The new concrete had to dry for 24 hours and then they came and installed the tile. Like I said before the baseboard heaters already had a dedicated circuit so the floor guys just ran all the wires to the laundry room (the far door on the left). We brought the tile out further than the linoleum had been because that big blank wall is going to be a bar, thus all the outlets for kegerator (see that big box in the photos above!?!), wine fridge, etc.