I’m super excited about the gallery wall shelves I’m making right now! I was inspired by these shelves.


Wood, check. Shelf dimensions, check. Gallery wall layout, check.


This is the wall you immediately see when you walk down the stairs to the basement. The boards stood in our entry way for about a week.


First comes primer. I used this Zinsser oil-based primer. PRO: It works really well and we had it left over from another project so it was “free”. CON: It stinks, so I wear a mask while using it and it’s oil-based so clean up can be messy.

DSC_0830We Nolan cut all the boards to size before painting. I set up shop in our laundry room. There is a piece of trim mixed in there too for the missing spot you can see in the layout photo. I put a Home Depot bag in my paint tray so clean up would be easier.


Oh and that’s me priming the smaller pieces on my ironing board. That round rug I’m standing on? That’s a little pre-blog creation I made by following these instructions.

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