Ta da!

DSC_0868We have shelves to hang all our mirrored beer/whiskey/schnapps signs! It’s funny what you can see in the reflections in this picture.. Nolan’s head, Nolan’s legs, Nolan’s arm & the door, Sophie’s head, the stairs, hehe. Check out pt 1 of the DIY gallery shelves here

DSC_0831The empty freezer ended up being a nice holding spot for the boards while I painted them! I used Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze.

DSC_0856After they were painted (3 coats) and dry we brought in the saw horses to assemble them. We found this old rusty clamp in the garage and rolled with it. We Nolan pre-drilled all the holes before screwing them together.

DSC_0862Two down and two to go.

DSC_0863Opps! Nothing a little paint can’t fix.

DSC_0864Our shelves are sort of specific to the signs we have but it also leaves room for easy changes. In the future we can move around some pieces of “art” and not have to worry about patching a million nail holes in our freshly skim-coated and painted walls.