Creamy Tomato & Spinach Pasta from Budge Bytes
Instead of penne I used perline pasta. Penne noodles look good but they are hard to eat. They are too wide and too long for my tiny mouth. I love pasta and I like to devour it so having to only eat one noodle at a time in order not to choke or get pasta sauce all over my face is a deal breaker. The perline worked great though! Nolan liked this a lot, I liked that it was cheap, easy and includes a ton of healthy spinach.

Healthy Chicken Salad from Lemon Sugar
This was my first experience using Greek yogurt as a mayo-type substitute, very scary. It turned out great though, I just ate the salad with a fork. Nolan put it on bread, topped it with a slice a cheese and broiled it. So he gave it a thumbs up.

Healthy Chicken Salad |

White Chicken and Cheese Lasagna from Tasty Kitchen
With the leftover rotisserie chicken from the chicken salad, I made this very tasty, very cheesy lasagna. I did a half recipe and I’m glad, more than a day or two of eating this would put me over the edge. Again though, I liked that it included healthy spinach. Nolan gave it a B-.

Tasty Kitchen Blog: White Cheese and Chicken Lasagna. Guest post by Laurie McNamara of Simply Scratch, recipe submitted by TK member Anna and Chelsea of Hidden Ponies.
Tonight it’s
Cajun Chicken Pasta from Skinny Taste

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