Wait, what? Jared Allen is no longer a Viking and Ke$ha is no longer Ke$ha? AND it’s 50 degrees in Minnesota right now!?! Change is hard, I’ll get it over it, but what sort of new sack dance do I have to learn? My dance skills are lackluster as-is.  I like nicknames, all my favorite musicians have cray cray names like T-Pain, Rick Ross, Juicy J, T.I., Lil Wayne, do I need to go on? Can I bust out my open-toed shoes and capris and pack up my puffy jacket and thick scarves? No. Tomorrow there is a high of 38 with chance of snow.

And time for an update on my February list:

  • Get all basement furniture and TV set up.
  • Get house tour photos uploaded here.
    1/10th I’ve got a couple up but I’m just not into it right now.
  • Buy blinds and build valances for downstairs, like this.
    1/10th I brought home 7 fabric samples from Joann and Nolan vetoed 5 of them. Then I brought the 2 remaining downstairs and I vetoed them.
  • Build beer sign gallery wall.

So now time for a March list:

  • Schedule a Sophie haircut. You can’t even see her eyes and snow gets clumped on her fur so easily.
    photo 1
  • Buy new blinds and build valances for downstairs. Still liking this idea, but Nolan and I need to agree on fabric with the basement accent color, which brings me to:
  • Pick out an accent color for the basement. Right now  the only colors are black, gray and white. Ideas? I’m thinking maybe navy or something in the blue family.
  • Start planning a master bathroom remodel. NOT what we wanted to tackle next but it’s leaking into the wall and ya’ll know wet walls are no bueno.
  • Finish trim, caulk, and paint touch-ups downstairs.
  • Install tap and buy a keg!
  • Enjoy my anniversary roses. Love you Nolan!