I’ve had an annoying head cold this week so instead of tackling projects Nolan and I have been watching documentaries on NetFlix. I did manage to drag myself and Nolan to IKEA this morning though, just to find out that the coffee table we were going to buy for downstairs was discontinued 2 months ago. Anyway, here is what we’ve watched recently.

Hot Coffee
Remember the lady that sued McDonald’s because she burned herself with coffee? The documentary starts with that story but that’s really just a teaser for Tort Reform. But come on, who is going to watch a documentary called “Tort Reform”? It was still interesting and mildly informative; you’ve got to take all documentaries with a grain of salt. I’m not saying there aren’t frivolous lawsuits, but  I will say that seeing pictures of the burns that woman suffered from the McDonald’s coffee has changed my mind about that case. IMO she deserved all the money she got. 

Who doesn’t love wine? When we were in Sonoma last summer my favorite wine tour was at Grgich Hills. The tour guide there told us all about the proper way to swirl, smell, swish and swallow wine, but his famous advice was “Just drink it!” He stressed the fact that you didn’t need to be an expert to enjoy wine and that you should drink it however you like. Red with fish, just drink it! White with red meat, just drink it! The four men in this documentary don’t just drink it. They are studying to become prestigious Master Sommeliers. Like one of the IMDb reviews states, it’s taped like a reality TV show, so of course you’re pulling for one guy to pass while hoping the d-bag fails. It’s worth an hour and a half, my recommendation is to grab a bottle and just drink it!     

Broke is about how the majority of professional athletes go broke within 2-5 years of retirement, even after making millions of dollars. Mo Money = Mo Problems.