1. The IKEA Storage Planner. I’m scheming with my brother on how to get the built-in look in our master bedroom. Here is my plan: PAX wo doors copy   And with the doors (and a bigger TV)  it’ll look like this: PAX w doors copy All the drawers, shelves and inserts are placeholders for the moment. The hardware is interchangeable as well. The FREE planner from IKEA is so much fun, you can make any configuration you want and even change the wall colors to get a better feel for your house. I’m basically trying to repeat this from Meg & The Martin Men.

2. This ostrich bathroom from Go Haus Go. I know I’ve cursed wallpaper, but how unique is the ostrich print? I wish I could be as daring and creative, I can’t even pick an accent color for our basement!

3. My friend Allison’s new adventure in Charleston

4. You ask, I answer on Emily Henderson’s blog!! SO many questions I’d like to ask her.

5. This rolling ladder on those lovely built-in bookcases. Can you tell I’m loving the built-ins right now??

6. Lastly, eating whatever I want today because…. I finished my first Duathlon! Run 3, bike 14 and run 2.5. Check out my red face!

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