Want some SUPER cheap and easy valences?? We followed these instructions from C.R.A.F.T. After contemplating several different fabrics I went with boring black. Nolan and I couldn’t agree on anything and the patterns that I liked seemed to clash with the white trim plus I was afraid of keeping the pattern straight.


The hardest part of this whole project was cutting the insulation straight. We measured, drew a line with a level and then cut it with a utility knife. It turns out that they don’t have to be super straight though, the fabric sort of covers up any imperfections (another bonus of not having a patterned fabric).

The 2nd hardest part of this project was getting my finger squished in the staple gun.

DSC_0898I’ve got the smallest, weakest hands so I was pulling the fabric tight and Nolan would staple it. Well…. We were also drinking beer and trying to watch one of the March Madness basketball games at the same time. Neither of us really wanted to be doing the project but I wanted it done. Needless to say we weren’t working at 100%. I smile about it now, it was one of those things that was more surprising than painful. It could have been worse, I could have actually had my finger stapled.

The easy parts were figuring out the amount of fabric to buy. See my scribbles.


Another easy part was taping the pieces of insulation together with the uber strong gorilla tape.



A with a couple nails this project is done-zo.

DSC_0895 DSC_0896

We still need to purchase blinds, but a power washer and wallpaper steamer took priority at our last Home Depot/Lowe’s visit.