More like ya ya yawn. I love the smell of fresh cut grass but I’m not a fan of the work behind it. We’re in the middle of some major yard work, like call in the pros yard-work. All the big pine trees are down in the back, so we’re left with a large hosta/pine cone/wood chip area. It is possible to kill a hosta, we all know how shady those puppies are, so we need to get on that soon. Below is my attempt at a panoramic picture with my phone.

photo (2)

Half of our yard needs to be scraped clean and then the entire thing needs to be sodded. We’ve gotten a couple quotes but boy is that expensive! Who would have thought pushing dirt around with a bobcat would be so expensive?? There are some other plants back there that my MIL and I have been talking about transplanting including hostas, clematis, bleeding hearts, a rose bush, 2 lilacs bushes and day lilies. I don’t have a green thumb but if they aren’t dead yet, they’re worth keeping around. Eventually we’d like to put some sort of privacy trees or bushes along the back fence.

To the front!  There were multiple trees in the front that have been removed. Last year we dug out some of the root system…


That’s me, obvi, with the biggest part of the root. Behind me to the left you can see some of the day lilies.


Nolan dug the rest of the roots out yesterday and then flattened the area, put down some fresh dirt, fertilized and planted some grass seed.


In other news… today is Shoreview’s annual clean-up day. The last two years we’ve missed out on this FREE service, but this year we’re ready with a stock-pile in the garage! Spring [cleaning] is in the air!!


SIDE NOTE: Call me old, but I love me some Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me with Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal and today is Carl’s last show. 🙁 I also like maple nut ice cream, Werther’s Original and I DVR The Wheel of Fortune everyday. Don’t judge.

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