The front bedroom of our house went from cluttered to BRIGHT to minty. Below is when it was in it’s cluttered phase. It was winter we were still in housing limbo with Nolan’s parents so our stuff and their stuff was all over the house.

Lucky for us this room and fan (???) had very little wallpaper.
So after we cleared the room it was easy to get the room prepped to paint. It was at this point we decided to paint the popcorn ceiling. We followed these instructions from, the main tip is to roll in one direction, do NOT roll back and forth. So the first coat we rolled East to West, the second coat was from North to South and so on.


So we took down the ceiling fan blades and went to town with Behr Dolphin Fin, which is what we painted our bedroom. I really like the color and I’m pretty sure I was motivated to paint that day but not motivated enough to go to the store to pick out paint samples. This picture makes it look a lot darker than it really is. Painting the popcorn ceiling was a pain but TOTALLY worth it while the room is prepped. You need a lot of paint on the roller/brush so we tended to splatter/drip a lot. We also painted the trim white at this point too.


And then the BRIGHT mistake happened. (Writing that made me think of this scene in Bridesmaids.) I had seen a lot of really cute teal and gray bedrooms on Pinterest so I thought I’d try it… (Another great lesson of why getting paint samples is such a good idea!!)


Sorry for the blurry photo, obviously my camera was even is panic mode seeing this color.
At first it didn’t look so bad but after the entire room was done I cringed every time I looked. We plan to hire my brother again to install crown molding like he did in our bedroom, so we didn’t bother with cutting in around the wall and ceiling.


The photo above is how the room sat for a long time. Nolan spent so much time painting it and I knew it would be a B to cover up. But in the end I just couldn’t stand it anymore. That bucket of paint went along with us to the Shoreview clean-up day I mentioned here. I didn’t even write down the paint color, I just want to erase the mistake from my memory. -Ok, I know I’m being a little more dramatic than necessary. 🙂

Then I did what I should have done the first time around, got paint samples and painted several swatches on the wall. I should have taken pictures but even having those swatches on the wall made me so excited to paint! I ended up deciding on Behr Breath of Spring.

photo 1 (3)

And here is a bad phone picture taken after doing 3 coats. Even with a bad photo doesn’t it look 100x better!!??

photo 2 (4)

Still to do in this room:

  • New light fixture
  • Window treatments
  • Bro install crown molding
  • Paint door
  • Paint and install new closet door (or curtains?)
  • Figure out office/craft room configuration

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