We’re now 6 months into 2014… has anyone kept their New Year’s Resolution?? I didn’t make any. I feel like in Minnesota it’s really hard to get motivated to do anything in January. Christmas is over, it’s #stupidcold outside and you know you’ve got at least two more months ahead of you. I’m cold just thinking about last winter. Below is a picture of dark-haired, pissed-it’s-so-cold-outside, I-can’t-warm-up me and of Sophie tunneling through the snow.


But now that it’s the end of June and I’m feeling pumped! My goal this summer is to simply do more miles than I did last year. I use mapmyride.com and mapmyrun.com to track all my outdoor workouts. It’s free and I like how I can combine my running and biking. [prepare to hear my horn toot] Last year I did a total of 100 workouts, adding up to 1243 miles, not crazy but nothing to sneeze at either. This includes biking, running, hiking and walking the dog. I don’t always have the app on when I’m walking Sophie, but now I should because every mile will count! As of today I’ve completed 20 workouts for 272 miles. Only 971+ miles to go! I should have included the duathlon I did in the spring- run 3, bike 14, run 2.5, during which I didn’t have the app running. toot. toot. toot. Just saying, if I end up 19.5 miles short I’m going to call it good.

Why make such a goal?

  • I like exercising [most of the time].
  • Minnesota summers are short.
  • It’s healthy.
  • Because I love food! Like the 50 ways to grill a steak in the latest Food Network Magazine.

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