All play and no work pretty much sums up the last couple weeks. Between dinners with friends, happy hours, 5Ks, Nolan’s Grandma’s 85th birthday party, baby showers, kid’s birthdays, a sick weekend, and volleyball twice a week, Nolan and I have done very little around the house. (We just finished the spring VB leagues and just to brag… our coed team got #1 in the league and my girls league got #1 in the playoffs!)


In the middle of kicking some volleyball booty we have been able to use our patio furniture but not for an actual meal. We’re taking full advantage of restaurant week this week so stay tuned for the inaugural outdoor dinner. We have managed to upgrade our nightstand lamps. I haven’t found the right lampshades for them, but we Nolan did get them installed. I picked them up at IKEA but I can’t find them online, they are kind of like this, minus the lampshade. They are light-years (pun intended) better than the ones we had because they match our room style, they don’t take up valuable nightstand space, and the switch is in a better place.

ALÄNG Wall lamp IKEA Gives a soft mood light.

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