Since we moved in I’ve been working in what I like to call the teddy bear office.


The room became the dumping ground for all things random. After I painted the dresser it sat like this, hardware-less, for several months.DSC_0700

And slowly the room started collecting other random homeless items like my sewing machine, our old nightstand lamps, some of my MIL’s paintings, the goodwill bag, Nolan’s gray pants that need hemming, etc.

Nolan occasionally works at home and I’d love a dedicated area for my sewing machine, computer, files and scrapbooking supplies. Oh and an actual desk, not a card table. SOOOO the office remodel begins! I moved everything into the second bedroom, which is now painted a respectable minty color and was relatively empty.

DSC_0906 DSC_0911
I invested in a wallpaper steamer and some new scraping tools when I was feeling ambitious back in May. We borrowed one to do our basement and since almost every other room in our house has wallpaper I’m confident we’ll get our money out of this bad boy. Sophie was even interested; she tried to photobomb my picture.

So I told her to strike a pose.

What’s next? Check out the office list from the big list.


  • Re-do dresser for office storage
  • Hardware for dresser


  • Remove wallpaper & prep for paint
  • Paint ceiling and walls
  • Paint trim
  • Replace outlets with crisp white ones
  • Paint or replace vent
  • Light fixture
  • Window treatments
  • Closet doors
  • Paint door, door hardware
  • Office furniture/decorating

I just told my sister how I love and want to copy her cow skin rug in their office, but now looking at our cherry-red floors I’m not sure how it would look. Like how I jump right to the fun, decorating step?

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