Last weekend we said farewell to the teddy bears in the office. I used my new fancy shmacy wallpaper steamer and while it was warming up I made this progress!

photo 2 (12)

As opposed to the basement wallpaper this stuff was sized and therefore came off in a snap! Without even steaming some of it came off in sheets, sorry for the blurry photos!

photo 1 (12)

I can’t even explain my excitement, it went so smooth I didn’t take many photos. I did have to ask Nolan’s for help above the window. Even with a step stool I couldn’t reach. #shortgirlproblems

photo 3 (11)
The border took a little bit more work but in less than an hour I had it all down.

photo 4 (8)
Progress! Next up- paint the trim white and make some decisions.