We recently added another gallery wall upstairs. Last time I made shelves, but this time I bought RIBBA frames from Ikea. Here is the wall before. To the left are the stairs to the entry, so as you walk up into the house this is the first thing that grabs your eye (now that there is something doing the grabbing). The wood thing with the nobs is to hold a quilt or something. We didn’t remove it because I couldn’t, I didn’t want to, I just realized it now. Those are shadows too, the wall doesn’t look like it has smoke damage.

photo 1 (13)

And here it is mid-install. I asked Nolan to hang the pictures one day when I was still at work. Nolan can’t read my mind, I don’t know why I haven’t figured that out yet. He sent me this picture and I ended up just telling him to wait until I get home. Oh and that dark line? That’s the wallpaper starting to peel.

photo 2 (14)

After I got home and told Nolan the deal he quickly and happily (BA!) hung them all.

photo 3 (13)

Sophie approves.

photo 2 (15)

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