I heard this story while driving into work this morning and the introvert in me cringed but the wannabe-extrovert in me thought COOL! Per the web site, “Dishcourse is a platform for bringing people together one meal at a time.” Basically amateur or hobby chefs sign up to host dinner parties and adventurous, extrovert dinners sign up to eat. If you know me, you know that I like everything (except ranch dressing), so the eating wouldn’t be a problem, but having to socialize with a bunch of strangers? And probably hipster, uptown-y type people? I’m not sure, but I’m intrigued. If I was on Twitter I’d follow them, but I’m not, so in the meantime I’ll stick with hosting my own dinner parties. Which I finally did on the deck a couple weeks ago!

Camera 018

We had my mom, Scott, Jennifer and Nicole over and I forgot to take more pictures, but luckily my mom snapped a few. Nolan grilled a couple kinds of marinated chicken and a basket full of veggies. We’ve been adding chopped up jalapenos to the veggies, it gives them a nice kick! Don’t eat the cooked jalapenos though, learn from our mistake. I made this quinoa salad too because Nicole is a vegetarian and I knew my mom would enjoy it also.

Camera 022

For dessert, my mom made fruit pizza that I ate for breakfast the following day! Why is it that your mom’s cooking always tastes better than your own? Plain chips and cheese even tastes better when my mom makes it.

Camera 021

Since it was Saturday night we turned on the radio trivia show Green Cheese. It’s aired on KAXE near our cabin in Grand Rapids, but at home we have to stream it online. The host asks the trivia questions and then you call in to answer. That night all 6 of us called in at least once with an answer. The questions range from riddles, to current events, to short snippets of a song you have to identify. It’s a fun, free way to spend a Saturday night (wow, I promise we’re not that dorky, maybe).