I’m not sure why they call it knockdown, when it’s really knocking up. Anyway when I was in NY with my grandma, mom, and sister, Nolan and his buddy put up some knockdown. I guess it’s a real mess so he taped off all the walls and floor with plastic. (Nope, the wall and the trim haven’t been painted yet either…)photo 1 (16)

Don’t forget the light fixture!

photo 5 (8)

In the meantime the other bedroom looks like this. You’d think having all this crap around would motivate us, but no, we just shut the door. Not without Sophie though. 🙂IMG_0007

Until it’s painted the ceiling doesn’t look all that different.



We need to start making serious decisions like colors because we need to start painting! Nolan’s office is relocating and so he is getting some (free!) office furniture from the old location. It’s not my style but it’s free and it’s really nice stuff. Call me a nerd, but I’m excited to have an actual file cabinet. So once again all my office inspirations are out the door, but I’m secretly hoping I can paint or somehow refinish it.

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