Why is it that the last 10% of a project is the hardest? We’ve done a ton of work downstairs and yet there is still some work left that we just can’t manage to complete.

  • Black cabinet piece on top cabinets
  • Decor (I thought I had the space decorated before we took the wallpaper down! )
  • Blinds
  • Small piece of baseboard around bar

The basement isn’t the only place we stopped at 90%.

  • Crown molding in front bedroom
  • Lampshades in master bedroom**
  • Fascia on deck
  • Alaska scrapbook from 2013

I love all the blogs out there that post before-after photos of spaces; I’m a little envious that they can actually complete something but that’s just not how we roll.

**I first wrote this post on September 17th, just a week or two ago we got some shades.. Talk about doing everything at 90%! I’ve got great excuses reasons why these things aren’t getting done but excuses are like opinions and opinions are… you know where I’m going with that? 😉