Maybe by 2015 we’ll have the office done. I did install some crisp white outlets. I hate this picture of me, but Nolan thought I needed proof of me doing them. (It only took about 10 trips up and down the stairs to figure out which circuit they were on.) Like my sweet purple sweatpants?

photo 3 (17)

That smile quickly faded when I realized, after removing the popcorn, applying the knock-down and painting the ceiling, I didn’t like the ceiling white. I begrudgingly told Nolan we needed to paint it a different color. So after thinking we were done painting in the office, we did a quick tape job of the newly installed outlets and I went to town. Actually, Nolan went to Home Depot to get more paint.


I decided to paint it the same color as the walls. It’s a really boring basic blah beige color but it works in the small room with dark floors and the up-and-coming dark desk. And now the crown molding will really stand out, instead of just melting into the ceiling (a mistake we made in our bedroom).

We also painted the door and got new closet doors! Aren’t before-afters awesome!? I still need to pick out some new hardware. Maybe something black from Schoolhouse?


In the meantime this is a brewin’ in the basement. There are 15 of these bad boys being primed and painted for the office and the front bedroom.



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  1. I was just telling Nolan that I haven’t been keeping up on your blog. I caught up on our ride home today 🙂 Looks like you’re making progress! Missed you yesterday. P.S. Love your hair in the first picture!

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