Like any other normal person I decided to paint my bathroom on my day off. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.  

-Remove the towel and TP holder.
-Remove light fixture and mirror.
-Patch holes including those mentioned above.
-Wait an hour.
-Sand patches.
-Re-apply spackle.
-Wait an hour.
-Sand patches again.
-Wash down all walls from the above dust.
-Cut out the old caulk.
-Re-caulk everything. I’ve learned since the blow out.
-Wait for caulk to dry.
-Are you still reading?
-Decide on color.
-Get color.
-Hate the paint color, curse.
-Put bathroom back together and hope it grows on you.

Turned out to be a much large project than I intended, but I should be used to that by now, remember the basement remodel? This was the only room in the house without wallpaper! Yay!

Awhile ago I changed out the cabinet hardware, swapped the medicine cabinet for a mirror, and installed the little shelf above the toilet. Otherwise it hasn’t changed.

photo 1 photo 2 (5)

But, with a day off of work I was itching for a change and I was sick of working on the office. So I started by removing the towel and TP holder. Both were glued to the wall and the towel holder was up against the tile shower so it was glued and grouted to the wall. (Because we removed the light fixture I was using a big industrial work spotlight, thus the weird lighting.)


I read several tips and watched a bunch of YouTube videos on patching walls. I ended up using DAP Spackling– I liked it because it goes on pink and dries white so there’s no guesswork. I patched, sanded, waited, patched, sanded and then wiped down all the walls. In between all of that I redid most of the caulk around the trim.

Our counter top is brown/cream and veiny all over, but the tile is creamy/pinky. I wanted to go with something much lighter than the brown and with a pink hue. You know I love doing paint samples. I put a coat of primer on and then painted three different colors.


I thought the middle one, Behr Shrimp Toast, worked well with the tile and wasn’t too pink. Wrong again.


It looks like a baby girl’s room, not a bathroom. I still think the guy at Home Depot mixed it wrong, which is totally irrational but blaming someone else makes me feel better about making a rookie DIY mistake. But it’s going to stay pink for awhile until I have the motivation to start all over again. Or at least until Saturday when this light fixture is delivered, maybe that’ll make a difference.

(I did purchase a new faucet, TP and towel holder but I’m hesitant to re-install knowing another paint job is looming.)

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