I finally had it with the pink bathroom and painted the walls (for the third time). They are now Behr Creek Bend and the vanity is Sherwin-William’s Urbane Bronze– leftover from the basement. My big problem in picking out a wall color was trying to find something that went with the tile. Remember the multi-color cray? Thumbs down. But the tile itself is in great shape and re-tiling a bathroom floor when the original plan was to just paint the walls seemed even more cray.


So Pinterest to the Rescue! Did you know you can paint tile? This is after one coat of primer and my neck hurts but I’m already happy I pulled the trigger.


Now that I like the direction the bathroom is headed maybe I’ll feel more motivated to finish it, only 5 months after I started. In the meantime, check out my friend’s blog: City Girl/Country Life.

4 thoughts on “Don’t worry, I saw this on Pinterest”

    1. I didn’t either until Pinterest! The picture is just after 1 coat of primer too. We’ve got 2 coats of paint (it’s actually an epoxy, like you’d use on your garage floor) and it needs one more just to cover everything. Stay tuned!

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