Wow, can’t believe my last post was in April! What happened to May!?

Somewhere in between there I finished painting the bathroom floor. I used Behr 1-Part Epoxy. After two coats it looks pretty good. The stuff only comes in limited colors, we chose Pacific Fog.FullSizeRender (4)
It’s better than the previous tile, for sure! But it doesn’t clean up very well. I’m thinking it needs some sort of sealer to make it less matte.

We (Nolan and his dad) got the new counter top installed! They first had to rip out the old one. FullSizeRender
We ordered the counter top from Home Depot using their (super easy) counter top ordering system. You just have to measure, pick your materials, your edge, specify the sink, faucet holes, etc and place the order.

FullSizeRender (2)
Of course it was just slightly shorter than the previous counter top so I had to go around and fill the ridge and repaint. But check out that shiny faucet!! 🙂

I used the same hardware I had put on awhile back but I did buy new hinges. This probably wasn’t necessary but the old ones were white and I was too lazy to clean, strip and repaint them.

And just so that it’s not a completely gray/white bathroom I bought this towel with a touch of color. I’m also working a piece of art to hang over the toilet that incorporates those colors.

Oh and I’ve also stripped all the wallpaper, patched holes, primed, and painted in the kitchen, dining room and hallway. But we’ll save those photos and stories for another day.

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