Remember last year we cut down the trees, put on a new deck (ok, 95% of a deck) and I attempted to trim the lilacs? That’s all fine and good but when your backyard still looks like this, it’s time to call in the pros. FullSizeRender (13)

Nolan liked to joke that it was our “butterfly sanctuary”, but really it was just a hot mess. The weeds were taller than me, the grass was about 50% grass and 50% weeds, and stickers off some of the plants back there caused Sophie to get a hack-job haircut by yours truly.

FullSizeRender (17)

I put down some red mulch around the two flower bed areas earlier in the summer… #nogreenthumbshere Picture 3

We reached out to several yard services and found that if they called back they were not interested in a small project like ours. So, we called a friend-of-a-friend who works in the biz. And booya! We hired them to remove all the weeds, level out the yard, install irrigation and lay down new sod.

I’m not a gardener and while Nolan loves to give his grass some TLC, we needed something low maintenance. During the summer I want to be outside running, biking, playing volleyball (playoffs next week!!), walking Sophie, at the cabin or having a cold one on a patio. Not planting/weeding/watering.

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