Now that volleyball is over, cabin-season is winding down, and I can be fueled by PSLs, I feel motivated to tackle a bunch of inside projects!  Here are just a few I’ve been thinking a lot about:

  • Blog about kitchen/dining/hallway wallpaper removal.
  • Install bathroom door knob.
  • Install crown molding in front bedroom and office, maybe by the end of 2015. Thanks Conrad!
  • Paint hallway ceiling, trim and put up board & batten like this.
  • Research new doors. My coworker told me how she replaced all her doors using a kit that includes all the tools to cut the hinge and knob holes.
  • Bite the bullet and order the wardrobes for the bedroom.
  • Decide what to do about the kitchen. Start planning.

Anyone want to lend give me hundreds of dollars to help jump start all these things?