Blogging is way easier if you just talk about things you find online and not actually do anything. Like:

  • Make this salad
    photo (15)
  • Buy this cycling tank and get on my trainer set up again. Boo winter.
  • Hope that it’s this snowy at Winter Park come January.
  • Convince myself that these won’t look like they were only $42. The Instagram picture was on point!
  • Laugh at Emily Henderson’s writing, because
    A) We’ve all dated that guy and can totally relate and
    B) I feel the same way about so many spaces in our home (minus the whole ‘being a designer’ part), like our entry way that I haphazardly ripped the wallpaper from one day.
“It’s shocking how long we can live with a disgusting bathroom. It’s like dating someone who is TERRIBLE for you and everyone knows it, but he’s not the kinda guy who will just let you dump him easily, so you keep putting it off and putting it off in hopes that it somehow will get easier and besides, maybe it’s not all that bad. You learn to ignore the horribleness and focus on things like how he lets you control the remote on Tuesday nights. Then when it’s over, when you’ve found a nice, lovely man, you just think, HOW DID I DO THAT FOR SO LONG? Followed up with, HE WAS THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. I did for over a year and a half – the bathroom, not the man. And the main motivation for finally pulling that plug was the fact that I’m a designer and I should have a prettier bathroom. On a day to day basis I was annoyed, but it wasn’t until people came over that I was really embarrassed about the way that my bathroom looked. It’s like putting a mirror to your face and seeing all of those terrible laugh lines, crows feet and flaws up close.”