I couldn’t think of a better title than “New Rug”, but don’t judge a book blog by its cover title, right?IMG_0443

I ordered this rug a week or so ago. I was surprised how fast they shipped it! Nolan was gone all week for work though, so it just sat rolled up in the hallway. This weekend we finally got to lay it out. For fun, let’s look at the living room circa June 2014.


I’m not one of those fancy bloggers with all the photo -taking and -shopping skills, so bear with me.


No more red wall in the dining room, no more brown wall, no more basket (thanks to someone chewing off a handle), and an actual end table! We still need to tackle the wallpaper, dark beams and window treatments, but who’s keeping score?

After rolling up the old rug I actually kind of liked the look of no rug. I like the color of the floor and it’s in great shape because it’s always covered by a rug. But with winter coming and a brand new rug in tow I did a quick vacuum before putting the new one down.


Sophie loves helping getting in the way.


We also swapped out the coffee table from downstairs. I bought it from CB2 after we finished the basement but I think it fits better upstairs now.


Am I crazy for getting a mostly white rug with a 60lb dog? No, but that off-centered candle on the table and crooked blanket on the couch is going to drive me crazy!

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