Thanksgiving came and went so fast, as did this berry twist pie that Nolan put some serious time into.


The past several years Nolan has taken the cooking reins and done all the cooking. Not only that but he makes these hilarious menus.

2015 Thanksgiving Menu

Holiday Brie en Croute
How French of me!

Sugar Coated Pecans
Bet you can’t eat just one

Mini Brie Tarts
Because you can never have too much Brie

Pumpkin Dip
I guess there had to be 1 thing pumpkin flavored on the menu


Deep Fried Turkey
Going back to a tried and true method – this year with a Honey Beer injection


Sour Cream Garlic Mashed Potatoes
I searched ‘Garlic Mashed Potatoes Sour Cream’ and BOOM! Deliciousness

Jalapeno Cranberry Chutney
The cook works for Ocean Spray, ‘nuff said

Candied Yams
Em said no but she doesn’t make the menu

Glazed Carrots
A favorite from the last 2 years, plus it’s super easy. Win-Win!

Green Bean Casserole
This has become a staple…are we getting boring?

Fruit Salad
Mom’s famous fruit cocktail salad – this year with REAL bananas

Mom’s labor intensive crock pot stuffing


Cranberry Custard
See Ocean Spray comment above

Apple-Berry Twist Pie
If this looks anything like the picture, I expect a ribbon

*Menu subject to change should the chef deem anything more difficult than the recipe makes it sound

Instead of Black Friday shopping my mom and Scott had a “second Thanksgiving” at their house the following day. Another meaty meal.


Last weekend I went to NYC with my seester. We didn’t go to see a Broadway show, or visit any museums (although we tried) or attend any special event. We went to eat, and eat we did.

Park Avenue Winter
Random find that changes the look of the restaurant every season (spring, summer, autumn and winter).  Watch out for the chairs, they jump out of no where and try to trip you.
**Located on 26th Street, just east of Park Avenue South
Very cozy spot
Mercer Kitchen
We stopped at Mercer Kitchen last time in NYC (I ordered a Manhattan in Manhattan because I thought it was funny while knowing deep down it was just trying too hard.) This time I ordered a mint cucumber martini and oysters. #stilltrying

By the time we made it to Mamo we were full, but I still couldn’t say no to the fresh bread dipped in balsamic vinegar.
Fig & Olive
The poached egg with salmon and french omelet gave us the energy to walk 13+ miles that day.
1 Hotel bar: Jams
“Oh Man!”
The Nomad bar: The Library
Dark, swanky bar with incredible cocktails.


Gramercy Tavern
Awesome Christmas decorations!
Food, drinks and Bobby Flay!
PS Check out the floor. Me like.


I do still cook sometimes. I made these enchiladas this week. I’m pretty sure “skinny enchiladas” is an oxymoron. And tonight I made another oxymoron “Lighten up Beef Stroganoff”.

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