In between coats of paint on the trim I was afraid if I sat down I wouldn’t get back up again. I’m like an old man. Ok, not really, but I do have runner’s knee. So, instead of sitting down I started ripping wallpaper down in the entry. Other than hanging a coat rack and replacing one of the peal-and-stick tiles we haven’t made any changes in the entry.

It started with just a little piece on the steps going upstairs. The area between the wall and floor was never finished. Depending on how the hallway board and batten goes I might do the same in the entry to cover that gap up. I’ve pinned several images to my Pinterest Entry Folder.

I worked my way around the entry to the downstairs stairs, sorry about the weird lighting. What’s better, wallpaper or wallpaper glue that looks like smoke damage? The hole in the door was the original owner’s cat door. Sophie, who weighs in around 60 pounds, can fit through it.

FullSizeRender (18)

Our entry has a regular ceiling but the space above the stairs is uber vaulted. (Weird lighting is my forte.) Luckily this wallpaper peeled right off. Doesn’t it look like a giant scroll? Leaving us with, aforementioned, walls that look like they suffered smoke damage. What a lovely, warm welcome for our guests on Christmas Day!