The hallway saga continues, see Part 1 and Part 2.

  1. We used this door lock install kit and this strike and latch template. The first one was a little scary. The strike plate needs to match exactly and the latch hole needs to be perfectly centered, even though the doors aren’t that thick.
  2. Remember how all the doors had to be trimmed down in Part 1? Well that left an unfinished edge on the door. My good friend Gina helped out again at this point with sanding down the edges, washing them and then painting the edges. 5 doors, YDTM. IMG_0739
  3. We installed the master bathroom and master bedroom hardware last weekend and planned to finish installing the rest of the knobs this weekend. Then, this happened to of the office door. IMG_0813I’m not sure how to remedy this without replacing the entire door, which we REALLY don’t want to do after all the work we’ve already done. Instead, we quit working and started watching the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer.

2 thoughts on “Hallway (Part 3: Installing the Hardware)”

  1. Geez, project from he#*. What a bummer! What does the side view look like? Wood glue, q-tips, & clamp? Thanks for the shout out again, gf!

    Karl watched all 10hrs of that…idk how people are sitting through that much courtroom drama. He thought it was really well done though. I opted for catching up on Downton.

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