I made my first and [probably] last quilt. It’s WAY harder than it looks.


Our close friends had a baby girl in August and named her Violet. I knew I wanted to make Violet something so I started scouring Pinterest for quilt ideas. I found this I Spy Quilt and knew that’s what I wanted to make.  Except, I don’t have a fancy quilting sewing machine – those puppies are expensive! But then I found this modern baby quilt and liked how it was sewed- straight lines, no fancy squiggly lines. It’s since sold, but there are a ton of other cute quilts at the Little Colley Design Etsy shop.

The fabric shopping was the fun part- (except waiting for 50 bolts of fabric to be cut). I brought them home and washed them all, and they ended up with a tangled knot. So.Many.Strings.

I straightened them all out and ironed them. Then I cut all the squares. Some of the fabric was more time intensive- like the planets and SpongeBob. I also made a list of all the fabrics I was using.IMG_0475

The white squares were a little more straight forward.



Then came sewing and ironing, followed by sewing and ironing, and more sewing and ironing. If I ever do another quilt I’m going to invest in this.

I’m not sure how my arrangement got all messed up, but I wasn’t discouraged yet, because I managed to keep all the images facing the same direction. (I’m sure that in 21 years Violet will enjoy beer as much as her parents do. 🙂 ) IMG_0486

Then I measured and planned the borders and binding. I liked the double border, so I chose a pattern for the smaller border, a solid purple for the larger border, pink for the binding and a light purple minky fabric for the back.


The borders went on without a hitch.IMG_0497

The backing is where I went wrong. I don’t know why I thought sewing a square first was a good idea. I thought I had done such a good job safety pinning the three layers together…

IMG_0528 (1)

I was so frustrated that it sat like this in Nolan’s office for a couple of weeks.
IMG_0508 (1)I eventually got up the motivation to  finish it and this weekend we gave it to Violet. Even with all the imperfections Violet still seems to like it.


Isn’t she cute!?


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  1. AWW!!!! I’m so glad you finally gave it to them. It IS a beautiful quilt! I’m sure it meant a lot to all 3 of them! Gosh what a cute baby!

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