Before last week I’d never cooked with fennel, have you? I made this Antipasto Salad and used fennel for the first time. I wasn’t even sure how to cut the thing, but handy dandy Martha solved that problem with her >1 minute video.
Antipasto Salad2 Recipe
I had just got home from an intense spin class and was too hangry (just ask Nolan) to take any photos. So hangry that I skipped crisping the salami. It also lacked the red peppers because I used it all up on my Chicken Pad Thai earlier that week. The fennel and parsley really made it flavorful, without hesitation I added the recipe to my What-I-Have-Actually-Done-and-Liked Pinterest folder.

2 thoughts on “Fennel First”

  1. Did you eat it raw? Did it taste slightly black licorish-y or more like celery? I’ve only cooked with fennel seed in breakfast patties/pizza sausage and really like that.

    I love that you have that Pinterest board; such a great idea for when you need to come up with a trusty recipe.

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