This weekend we finally finished the hallway project! 🙂 Before it had wallpaper, dark trim, dark doors and popcorn ceiling.


Now it has board and batten, white trim, white doors, an upgraded light fixture and *painted popcorn ceiling. DSC_0076

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tackle it after my SoulCycle class on Friday night, but Saturday morning we started in with the help of my friend Gina. As you can see we picked option #3 for the light. I like it, but the Edison bulb we got gives off a yellow/orange hue.


Finishing the hallway included painting the walls, caulking and touching up the trim in a few spots, painting the attic door, routing out the remaining doors and installing the knobs. Remember the office door that we cracked?

We put a tiny bit of wood glue in the crack and clamped it together. Then we were uber uber careful routing it out.

Patience + luck,  wood filler + paint and no one will know the difference. Sophie sure didn’t.


As for the artwork, I kept the painting of Sophie in the same spot. The other three images are where Nolan and I met, got married, and live.


The hallway was a lot of work but I love how it turned out. It’s so much lighter and the board and batten give it some character. Speaking of a character…


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  1. Such a modern transformation. You two did a great job with your decor choices & hard work. I didn’t know the story behind those three pieces of art; how cool! Thanks for the shout!

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