In addition to the gallery wall of beer signs, I finally did some decorating in the basement! I’ve been a longtime follower of the Jenna Sue Design Blog and knew I wanted to incorporate her prints. So when Nolan asked for Christmas ideas I jumped at the opportunity to score some Minnesota city maps. I told him I’d like a St. Paul and Minneapolis print in mint. For good measure I let them flatten for a good three months. Yes, those are Game of Thrones coasters!IMG_1098

I picked up two Ribba frames from Ikea and got to work with my “helper”. What do you think she’s thinking in this picture?
“It’s Saturday morning, why are you sitting in the corner downstairs?”
“Stop it with that little machine and pet me!”
“I love you, can we go for a walk?”


Leave it to Ikea to include instructions on how to put together a picture frame.


My “helper” would wiggle herself between me and the frame anytime she could. You can see the remnants of her mohawk. 🙂


No matter how long you pet her, as soon as you stop she acts disinterested. We got her collar from Alaskan Brewing Co. when we were there a few years ago, it’s made with recycled bike tires and has a bottle opener on it.


I hung them in the basement above the couch. I’m not 100% sure of the placement, but knowing that the couches downstairs will be replaced at some point I just centered the pictures on the wall.

It was finally sunny, which actually made it hard to get a decent picture without glare. It’s taken forever to do some decorating downstairs, but I’m happy to finally have something on the wall and with some color! 🙂


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