I finally got around to painting and hanging some artwork in the bathroom after over a year ago deciding to paint the main bathroom, then hating it and buying a new counter topthen painting the floor, and finally installing a door knob. Talk about a snowballing project!  DSC_0094

Remember it used to look like this:


The canvas was originally a tree and Sophie from PaintNite with a few friends. I wasn’t impressed by my art skills and painted it back to white and then created this piece. After getting a professional painting of Sophie, I felt like mine was like a child’s finger painting. What I came up with isn’t much better, but at least the colors coordinate with the rest of the bathroom.


One thought on “Bathroom Snowball”

  1. That bathroom looks awesome now, and I love how you coordinated your art making with your shower curtain. Looks so complete/decorated now!

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